Service Users'


... At Moore Care, the health and happiness of our service users is our very reason for being! What they have to say about our service means more to us than anything...

"I’ve been here 25 years, at some point I would like to move out and become more independent. I like a good party, Moore Care have good parties.

Moore Care always make an effort for my birthday. I like cooking tea and doing my activities like putting a bet on with support from staff.

The staff are nice (especially Jackie ;-) ). I like Christmas, I have a drink at Christmas for my loved ones in heaven. I go to art every week and make different things with Sarah. I have pictures of what I’ve made."

- Andrew

"I like it all the time living here at Moore Care in Buxton... I like living here because I get to play football and go to the pub and go to the farm and I like my room and my music and telly and ipad."


" I love living at Moore Care. I love my bedroom , my hallway , my living room and my garden in the summer. I like my staff talking to me about my books and music , Staff dance and sing with me ! NOWHERE’s as nice as here… "