... We have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best professional services in our industry. Here's what they say about Moore Care...

"We are very pleased with the service Moore Care provide to our clients. The staff are very conscientious - always willing to work with the professionals who are involved in their clients' care. They take time to discuss individuals, follow professional advice and guidelines and give us constructive feedback.

The staff are aware of their strengths, but also seek advice and training whenever needed. This in my opinion creates a healthy environment for the clients to fulfil their potential and be happy."

Rita Oliver
Speech and Language Therapy Team Lead

"I was first introduced to Moore Care as a Specialist Learning Disability Social Worker working for the Local Authority.

I placed many clients in their services as I felt it offered good person-centred care. I then joined the  Moore Care team to work as a Manager in their residential services. 

There are lots of longstanding and very experienced staff within the company with a huge knowledge base of a wide range of complex needs and their commitment to the clients is second to none.  They work closely with a wide range of professionals to deliver a service that puts the people they work with at the centre of the service.

Many outcomes are achieved by lots of people they support such as: employment, accessing the wider community facilities, opportunities to build meaningful relationships, maintaining family contact, access to holidays, to name a few.  

Long-term commitment is invaluable when placing a person in services and you will find dedication to this at Moore Care."

Tracey Longden
Former Social Worker & Colleague

" I am an Occupational Therapist who has worked with Moore Care clients and staff on and off for approximately 10 years. Throughout this time, I have found the staff to be hardworking and very dedicated. They work closely with therapists and other professionals to implement recommendations made. The management are always open to suggestions and constantly work towards making improvements within their service to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients.

You are guaranteed a friendly welcome right from the management down to the valuable support workers, and a cuppa is always on offer.

If I was in need of a service for my family, I would have no hesitation in placing a family member with Moore Care."

Rachel Hunt
Specialist Occupational Therapist